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Clinical Trial Execution


Clinical trial meetings generate enthusiasm, resulting in engaged participants and robust enrollment. GLOBAL CRO can provide a seamless and well executed meeting to meet your trial goals. 

Electronic Trial Master File (eTMF) 

From design to implementation, GLOBAL CRO combines clinical and technical experience to customize an eTMF that can accommodate unique requirements from early feasibility to pivotal and post market trials. 

Site Training and Management

GLOBAL CRO can provide a customized, highly trained team of experienced individuals that meet your clinical trial needs.  We have decades of cumulative experience in providing clinical trial activities effectively and efficiently.


As the industry moves towards new and advancing technology, we are here to bring your project up to speed on the latest solutions. We will work alongside the study sites to find a balance that meets the key objectives of the study. 

Data Management

Collection, management, and oversight of data throughout the study is essential to provide reliable clinical evidence.  Our data management group can provide expert guidance and customized solutions to support regulatory approvals.

Case Support

Case support during the enrollment phase of studies can help to assure protocol compliance, proper use of device/drug/IVD under investigation and offer overall clinical trial support.

Safety Management/ Pharmacovigilance

We regularly review information throughout a study to proactively increase compliance, mitigate potential roadblocks, and ensure that all safety data is assessed and reported appropriately.

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