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Meet GLOBAL, a bespoke and boutique approach to expert drug and device consulting, regulatory submission support, and strategic writing.

Because your product deserves undivided attention!

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How can we help you today?

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Global Launches GxT:

Global Exponential Technologies


Global regulatory experts and writers merge with cutting-edge programmers to build a  revolutionary product development ecosystem powered by AI and machine learning. Our tools will:

  • Augment authoring and streamline reports, submissions, and filings;

  • Intelligently manage lifecycle safety data with trending reports and signal detection;

  • Auto-review 100,000s+ published literature and extract only salient data; and

  • Leverage regulatory agency feedback across history.

The GxT ecosystem will radically increase the efficiency, quality, and time to approval for manufacturers.


Arm your experts. GxT, technology that empowers.

Built by regulatory experts for regulatory experts!

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“I wanted to offer my sincere and heartfelt thank you for your excellence.”

Client Testimonials

“Really wanted to give a shout out to all of you – I know some of this is completely thankless work, so I wanted you all to know how much I appreciate the efforts. The documents are really in fantastic shape. We’re making headway closing/ locking up at a fast clip, and it really is thanks to your organization, diligence, and utter setup of COMPANY for success in our final days leading up to publishing. So – thank you…!”

“Thank you and admiration for the incredible team you’ve assembled – this success is as much your success as it is our success!”

“We really couldn’t have done it without you, and certainly not within our extremely aggressive timelines!”

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