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Writing Solutions

Our writers work with your team and subject matter experts to develop a data-driven messaging strategy across all documents. This approach ensures that document users, whether clinical decision makers or regulatory approvers, have quick access to the product information that is most relevant to their needs.

We provide a wide range of Writing Solutions.

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Why Choose GLOBAL for
Writing Solutions?

We use a team matrix approach, which allows our writers to collaborate seamlessly with your team. In other words, we can create workflow and communication processes that align with your existing team structures. A single point of contact will be assigned to each project for ease of communication. However, additional writers can be assigned to support the project as needed to allow for schedule flexibility or rapid turnaround.



  • More than 80 years of combined medical writing experience.

  • Number of documents written by our team’s medical writers include the following: 370+ CSRs, 700+ protocols and protocol amendments, 90+ IBs, 70+ INDs and CTAs, 60+ briefing books, 140+ ICFs, 130 safety aggregate reports, 35 meeting request letters.

  • Diverse backgrounds—former scientists, former college language or writing instructors, former health care providers. All have master’s degrees or higher.

  • Team, client base, and number of active projects have more than doubled in size in two years. 

  • 100% repeat business awarded for CSRs and protocols.

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