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The GLOBAL CRO Approach

GLOBAL offers a range of monitoring solutions to meet your clinical trial needs.

Our Services Include:

Clinical Trial Monitoring
The monitoring and auditing of a clinical trial is necessary to ensure the rights and safety of patients are protected, reported trial data are accurate, complete, and in accordance with the protocol, Good Clinical Practice (GCP) guidelines, and regulatory requirements.

Risk Based Monitoring
The climate within the clinical trial monitoring space is changing. Risk Based Monitoring (RBM) leaves behind the more traditional approach to monitoring clinical trials that require frequent onsite visits and 100% Source Data Verification. Instead, RBM promotes a centralized approach, to data collection as well as monitoring, in a cost-effective manner. 

Remote Monitoring
Rapidly developing technologies can allow remote access to source data as an optional alternative to on site monitoring.


The time to innovate and incorporate remote monitoring is now. Verifying source data consistently, and in real-time, increases efficiency for sites, sponsors, and CROs.

Why Choose GLOBAL CRO?

Our on-staff monitors can provide customized support to every trial’s unique needs. Our monitors oversee data collection, source CRFs and supporting documentation, ensure queries are resolved appropriately, and evaluate sites’ regulatory compliance. 

We can customize the monitoring strategy based on your study needs. We are here to work together to find the best possible solutions for your project. 

Our RBM clients enjoy:

  • SDV percentage decreases

  • Data quality increases

  • Cost savings

  • Focused effort on mitigating the high-risk factors increasing patient safety

  • Integration of data from various sources increases data accuracy


As the industry moves towards new and advancing technology, we are here to bring you and your project up to speed on the latest solutions. We will work alongside the study sites to find a balance that meets the key objectives of the study. 

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Let's Work Together

Email us today to discuss your project and learn more about our services.

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