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GLOBAL Careers

Global is an inclusive and supportive employer that has your back.

Our Culture

Learn a little more about how we work, what sets us apart, and why you’ll love working with us.

Reasons to Come Work with Us

Flexible Paid Time Off

  • All 32-hour or 40-hour full-time employees

  • Eligibility begins immediately upon start date

Completely Remote Workplace

  • 70+ remote, full-time employees

  • Team members spread across the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, and China

Generous Health Insurance Coverage

  • 100% of employee premiums covered by Global

  • 90% of spouse/ dependent premiums covered by Global

Robust Benefit Options

  • 100% of Life Insurance premium covered by Global

  • Generous annual profit-sharing contribution to 401(k)

What Do Our Employees Say They Love Most About Their Jobs?

"I love just about everything. I love learning new content and concepts. I love my co-workers. I love my boss. I love the global environment and culture. I love all the opportunities I have been given. I love all of the management team – they make me feel proud to be part of GLOBAL! I love that GLOBAL is always striving to be a better company."

"I love the boundless opportunity in this organization. There are so many areas of service that we are constantly dreaming up and figuring out how to make work. It keeps things really interesting and dynamic. I love the challenge of keeping up with it all!"

"I love the freedom to approach projects my own way! Sometimes there’s a standard way of doing something because it’s what works best, but it’s also important to keep examining why we do things and whether we’re using effective tools and methods. We have plenty of opportunity to do that here!"


"The positive teamwork environment and support amongst peers. I love that we have an executive team that works hard to maintain and improve our working environment daily!"

"I love feeling seen and appreciated! The weekly workout classes, culture committee, & newsletters are great. The management has been very supportive and accommodating during COVID. I feel like the company values its employees & understands that we are people with families and other interests and obligations. I also love being remote and having a (fairly) flexible schedule!"

"I feel that the members of this organization are supportive of each other and always willing to answer questions and help each other become better. I appreciate that dynamic of teamwork versus an environment of competition."

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