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Patient Recruitment Strategies


The GLOBAL CRO Approach

Often the hardest part of a clinical trial is completing enrollment in a timely and efficient manner: why not build a patient recruitment plan directly into your project from the start? Alternatively, if your trial is enrolling slower than your timelines require, adding a patient recruitment plan to your project can be the jolt needed to get the enrollment completed.  Either way, GLOBAL CRO can support your trial to prevent costly recruitment delays. 

Our Services Include:

  • Trial design strategy to eliminate unnecessary barriers to enrollment 

  • Site selection strategies that assess patient recruitment ability and adequate trial populations for your trial. 

  • Website development, providing a portal for patients to learn more about your trial and determine if they may be eligible. 

  • Close oversight of the trial to ensure adequate screening at sites and assess for any barriers to the process 

  • Customized support for clinical sites to support unique challenges and workflow optimization 

  • Media and recruitment materials 

  • Referral strategies 

  • Customized patient education 

  • Trial information sheets 

  • Patient retention strategies 

Why Choose GLOBAL CRO?

GLOBAL CRO has years of experience in multiple therapeutic areas and knows how to plan and execute your trial that align with your patient population.  We are hands-on and can customize plans to fit your sites' unique needs and support on-time enrollments.  Our team members have participated in trials that have enrolled on-time and even ahead of schedule and can bring this expertise to your trial too. 

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Let's Work Together

Email us today to discuss your project and learn more about our services.

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