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Project Management

Strong project management can help you optimize your work, accurately estimate your resourcing needs, and reduce team stress and turnover. One of our experiences Project Managers is ready to join your team today.

We provide Project Management support across multiple product sectors.

Select your product type below to learn more about our sector-specific offerings

Why Choose GLOBAL for
Project Management Services?

Our project managers have scientific backgrounds and extensive experience writing and managing deliverables. They understand what it takes to execute the work and can anticipate potential process and scheduling issues. They will quickly understand your procedures and needs and help build an execution plan with tools that work for you. 

If you need a complete build-out, we will embed a Project Manager in your team for several months. They will learn your processes, identify your needs, and build a project management structure that fits your team. Once the schedule and processes are built and working, they will transition the maintenance of the tools and schedules to an internal resource on your team. 

If you only need a fresh set of eyes and new ideas, we can provide temporary consulting on any of the topics described above.

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