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Site Training and Management


The GLOBAL CRO Approach

A successful clinical trial requires strategic site management from site start up to close out.  Site staff must be adequately trained on the protocol and trial-related tasks to ensure compliance.   Additionally, sites need day to day support to answer questions, navigate roadblocks and ultimately, provide your clean trial data to ensure your study goals are met.  Effective site management encompasses adequate site monitoring and oversight, trial startup, trial conduct, and trial close-out.  

Training is never a once-and-done task: new study personnel are frequently added at the site level, and any changes in product IFU, protocol amendments or procedures will require documented training.

Our Services Include:

  • Continuous Site Training

  • Site Management 

  • Patient Recruitment 

  • Patient Retention

  • Risk Mitigation and Corrective Actions

  • Setup Infrastructure at sites

Why Choose GLOBAL CRO?

GLOBAL CRO can provide a customized, highly trained team of experienced individuals that meet your unique clinical trial needs.  We have decades of cumulative experience in providing clinical trial activities effectively and efficiently.

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Let's Work Together

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