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Vendor Selection
and Management


The GLOBAL CRO Approach

Vendor selection and management can be a critical element in conducting a trial. Vendors may provide niche expertise and resources that may be difficult or costly for you to provide without experience in that area.  Vendors can include:

  • Specialty Providers – Biostatistics, Auditors, legal, regulatory, etc.

  • Chemistry, Manufacturing, and Controls (CMC) Suppliers – Drug Substance, Drug Product, Packaging, Labeling

  • Logistics Suppliers

  • Lab Suppliers – central labs, bioanalytical, etc.  

  • Imaging Core Labs  

Our Services Include:

  • Vendor Identification

  • Vendor Qualification

  • Vendor Management and Oversight

  • Risk Management 

  • Vendor Payments

  • Contract Negotiation and Management 

Why Choose GLOBAL CRO?

GLOBAL CRO has an extensive network of vendors we have worked with on multiple trials.  By starting with a narrowed list, you can streamline vendor selection process and potentially reduce costs for any vendor qualification requirements your QMS requires.  Our team can oversee vendors to optimize trial timelines, while assuring compliance with quality and service deliverables.  GLOBAL CRO has both the capacity and flexibility to fulfill your trial needs.

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Let's Work Together

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